Calcium Lactate

A calcium fortifier, firming agent, thickener, flavor enhancer and leavening agent


Calcium lactate is commonly used as a calcium fortifier in various food products including beverages and supplements. It is produced by mixing lactic acid with calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide. While it’s used as a calcium supplement and to fortify foods, calcium lactate fills a variety of roles in the food industry as an approved firming agent, thickener, flavor enhancer and leavening agent. Calcium lactate is used in molecular gastronomy in reverse spherification. It is more popular than calcium chloride for this purpose since it leaves no after taste, whereas calcium chloride leaves a certain bitterness in the mouth, even after rinsing the spheres with water.


  • Improves thickness
  • Leavening agent

  • Firming agent

  • Flavor enhancer
  • Used in spherification

  • Calcium suipplement