• This velvety chocolate cashew dessert is simple to make and uses no dairy. The dark panna cotta can be served as is, or with cashews, whipped cream, berries, powdered chocolate or chocolate shavings.

  • Here is a quick and tasty homemade cheddar cheese wheel recipe that completely excludes dairy in its ingredients - it's the perfect answer to vegan cheese and crackers.

  • This green tea ice-cream is an interestingly unique gluten-free and vegan dessert! Sweetened incredibly with the golden maple syrup, this recipe melts in the mouth leaving a velvety tender earthiness.

  • This flavorsome crunchy snack is famously known in India as "kachori." The crisp kachori tastes exquisite with green chutney which is an exciting dip made of coriander, chillies, and, seasoning. It is often enjoyed with tea or coffee as a  snack to satisfy appetites and enhance a mood at any hour of the day or night.

  • If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then the six fresh apples used in this recipe has to make it one of the healthiest candies you can find using pectin.