Agar Agar

Treat Yourself To Delicious Food & Stay Healthy At The Same Time Using Agar Agar


Vegan and vegetarian diets are becoming increasingly popular the last few years and for a good reason: they work! Their health and dieting benefits are extraordinary but the transition phase can be tough especially since most people find it hard to give up cheese, ice-cream, sauces and puddings! With this agar powder however, you won’t have to!

You can make all your amazing recipes by using agar agar gel as an alternative to animal or chemical-based gelatin. Instead of the cholesterol and chemicals, the only thing you’re getting with agar powder is fiber which is super low in calories and amazing for your gut function! 


  • Food safe  long lasting
  • Substitute for gelatin
  • Makes vegan cheese 
  • Good for jellies 
  • Makes marshmellows
  • Vegan panna cotta
  • Creative presentations
  • Create new dishes
  • Used in baking too